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Environment Matters in Aviation: EU & South Asia Reuniting to tackle climate change

30. May - 1. June 2022

Paradise Island, The Maldives

EU & South Asia reuniting to tackle climate change

The first Regional Meeting of the EU SA APP II was held in Paradise Island Resort in Maldives from 30th May—1st June 2022. Maldives as a South Asian State has expressed their willingness to volunteer for implementation of CORSIA which was indeed welcomed by Mr. Carlos Menendez as it is one of the Key Activities of the Project Objectives.


Civil Aviation Authority Maldives kindly offered to contribute to the organization of the event. The Regional activity was considered a High Level meeting as Ms. Aishath Nahula Minister of Transport & Aviation Maldives & Mr. Denis Chaibi, Ambassador of EU for Maldives & Sri Lanka participated at the inauguration of the meeting. There were 38 personnel in total for the event with the participation from CAA & Industry from India, Maldives, Pakistan & Sri Lanka. However, there were only industry participants from Bangladesh.

The Official Announcement of Maldives Voluntary participation in CORSIA was announced by her highness Minister of Transport & Aviation Maldives in her welcome speech.


The workshop was conducted by Ms Africa Abajas & Mr. Joonas Laukia Environment Expert - Market-based Measures EASA in person and Ms Maria de la Rica Environment Expert, Mr Magnus Gislev, Environment & Aviation Policy Officer, DG MOVE, European Commission, Mr Frederic Eychenne, Senior Director Regulations and Policies, AIRBUS, Ms. Martina Di Palma, Sustainability Manager, European Regions Airline Association (ERA) and Mr Ted Elliff, EU – SA APP II Environment Expert joined the meeting with presentations on line to make the activity more interactive and successful.

The event was the first regional environment activity of the project out of the many other that have already started to be delivered by our recognised experts África Abajas and María de la Rica.

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