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EU-SA APP II - Air Navigation Initiative - ANSP Certification and Continued Oversight Workshop

March 18, 2024, 09:00 to

March 21, 2024, 15:30 (IST)

Hilton Colombo, Sir Chittampalam

A Gardiner Mawatha 2, 00200

Sri Lanka

EU-SA APP II - Air Navigation Initiative - ANSP Certification and Continued Oversight Workshop

This workshop aims at providing an overview of ATM/ANS rulemaking, oversight & certification methodologies in the EU, identifying potential applications at bilateral and regional level, while encouraging harmonisation and cooperation in South Asia.

The EU-SA APP II project's Air Navigation Initiative keeps cruise altitude with already the third regional workshop scheduled from 18 to 21 March 2024, in Sri Lanka. The workshop will povide a detailed and structured understanding of the European civil aviation regulatory landscape, covering various aspects from the regulatory framework to certification processes and equipment conformity assessment.

The agenda unfolds over four days, e
ach focusing on key aspects of air navigation and aviation services.

Target participants include members from the Civil Aviation Authorities in South Asia and relevant Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs).

The topics that will be covered are the following:

  1. Overview of the European Civil Aviation Regulatory Framework:

    • Introduction to the EU system, institutional environment, roles, and responsibilities.

    • Overview of EU/EASA regulatory approach, including actors, roles, responsibilities, hierarchy of norms, EASA rulemaking process, and EASA Easy Access rules.

    • Discussion on national and regional scopes and contexts within the European performance and risk-based approach towards rulemaking and oversight.

  2. Organisational Structures for ATM/ANS in Europe:

    • Examination of EASA, "Competent Authorities," and service providers, covering roles, responsibilities, separation of functions, economic models, funding mechanisms, charging schemes, and financial oversight.

    • Exploration of essential requirements on ATM/ANS and airspace under Regulation 2018/1139 (EASA Basic Regulation).

    • Practical exercise: Analysis of the regional situation, pros/cons, and group brainstorming.

  3. European ATM/ANS Regulatory Framework for Services Provision and Certification:

    • Overview of ATM/ANS services structure and the European regulatory framework.

    • In-depth exploration of Implementing Regulation 2017/373, including structure, content, requirements for competent authorities, service providers, and the concept of the 'Management System.'

    • Focus on personnel training, competence requirements, Fatigue Risk Management (FRMS), guidance material, and best practices for ANSPs.

  4. ATM/ANS Services Providers Certification Process in Europe:

    • Explanation of benefits and rationale for certification.

    • Detailed exploration of the implementation process, roles, responsibilities, steps, documentation requirements, continued oversight process, re-certification, and change of approval processes.

    • Case study in Europe illustrating the certification process.

  5. ATM/ANS Inspections in Detail:

    • Examination of the role and skillset of ATM/ANS inspectors.

    • Discussion on audits process, inspector manuals, procedures, audit techniques, accreditation, and maintenance of competence.

    • Practical exercise: Implementation in the certification context for a specific service, from planning to the implementation of a Corrective Action Plan.

  6. New European Framework on Conformity Assessment for ATM/ANS Equipment:

    • Overview of current scenarios and the need for a new approach.

    • Explanation of the new regulatory framework, scenarios for attestation of equipment, approval of manufacturers, roles, responsibilities, and requirements for different organizations.

    • Discussion on detailed specifications, standards, global implications, and industry perspectives.

  7. Exercise on Regional Cooperation and Harmonisation (2 hours):

    • Exploration of potential areas of cooperation in rulemaking and oversight among regions.

  8. Others (To Be Confirmed):

    • Mention of additional topics, including the certification of digital TWRs and remote ATS operations, with a focus on the concept of change management and its application.

Throughout the five days, the workshop will seek to facilitate a holistic understanding of European practices while tailoring discussions to the specific needs and challenges of the South Asian region, thereby fostering a collaborative approach to air navigation development led by EASA & EU-SA APP II ATM/ANS experts.

Venue: Hilton Colombo Hotel 

(videoconference connection will also be possible at a later stage)






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EU-SA APP Contact Person: Carlos Menéndez de Solas


EASA Contact Person:

David Waller

Phone no. +65 9610 7695

EU-SA APP Contact Person:
Carlos Menéndez de Solas

EASA Contact Person:

David Waller

Phone no. +65 9610 7695

EU-SA APP Contact Person:
Carlos Menéndez de Solas


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